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    Superb professional !!! I strongly recommend considering Mr. Chase as your Representative. Your case will be in the right hands !!!

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    Johnathan was very diligent in getting me the outcome I felt I deserved from my employer. Jonathan is very transparent and always kept me up-to-date on my suit. Jonathan is not intimidated buy large corporation.

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Philadelphia Attorney Represents Employees in Labor and Employment Disputes

Pennsylvania law firm helps employees with a variety of workplace legal issues

Legal issues in your workplace can cost you wages, your mental well-being and even your job. At the Law Office of Jonathan W. Chase, LLC, I represent clients in the Philadelphia area in labor and employment cases, including those involving discrimination, sexual harassment and unpaid wages. My firm is committed to helping employees protect their livelihoods and pursuing legal action against employers for wrongful acts in the workplace. If you are dealing with being passed over for a promotion, having hours cut from your timesheet or your supervisor making untrue statements about your abilities/performance, I will strongly advocate for your rights.

Experienced employment attorney handles wage disputes

In addition to being against the law, not getting paid for the hours you worked affects the financial wellbeing of you and your family. Pennsylvania provides statutory relief for employees who are not paid on time, are denied their last paycheck or are paid fewer hours than actually worked. Employees have a right to file a claim to recover unpaid wages, attorney’s fees and additional damages. The possibility of a substantial court judgment gives employees leverage in negotiation and settlement, and my experience in these matters helps me seek a favorable result.

Protect yourself from career-damaging defamation and slander

When supervisors or coworkers make untrue statements that damage your reputation, the long-term effects on employment prospects and pay can be significant. Proving defamation requires the statement to be objectively false — statements of opinion are not actionable. Further, the statement must be heard or seen by a third party. My firm has experience in proving defamation and slander cases and will use this knowledge to collect the supporting documentation and witness statements needed to present a strong case. I am dedicated to helping you get compensation for the damage false statements make to your career and seeing you move forward.

Skilled lawyer combats harassment and workplace violations

State and federal laws require that workplaces must be free of bigotry and unwanted sexual advances that create a hostile environment. You have the right to take action to hold your employer responsible if you believe you have experienced:

  • Sexual harassment — It is illegal for employers to create quid pro quo relationships through negative persuasion or by making sexual advances or statements that serve to condition employment, raises and promotions on the exchange of sexual favors. It is also illegal for them to engage in conduct that is severe or pervasive, such as displaying explicit images or making lewd gestures. My firm will help you file a complaint with federal and state authorities as well as explore suing for money damages for the harm you suffered.
  • Discrimination — City, state and federal law prohibit workplace discrimination based on characteristics such as race, religion, disability, age and gender. The discrimination must be related to acts like denying a promotion due to race or religion or firing someone because of age or disability. My team can support you when fighting against this unlawful behavior.

Employment disputes can be overwhelming, and the stakes are often quite high. My office is here to help you understand your rights and offer the representation you need to get a fair outcome.

Call an accomplished Philadelphia employment attorney for a free initial consultation

At the Law Office of Jonathan W. Chase, LLC, I assist clients in the Philadelphia area with a wide range of labor and employment law cases. Please call my office 215-967-1544 or contact me online to schedule a free consultation today.